• Brooklyn, New York City...
    It's where I first opened my laptop and learned the Adobe suite, Cinema 4d, illustration, photography, design.
    I have 10+ years experience with some of the most talented and competitive designers, directors, editors, and producers in the entertainment industry. 
    My insipration is this city. Growing up and living in Brooklyn. I learned to use the beauty, fashion, people, communities and my commute. All of this diversity,  to inspire all of my work. I studied Design & Advertising at SVA. I worked with many companies such as IFC, Tribeca flim festival, MTV, Bloomberg, BET Networks, Essence, Viacom.  From small start ups to big projects, mega awards shows and highly rated original programing.
    Traveling and seeing most of this amazing world is my goal. Working with different types of art, cameras, photos and professionals is what I do best.